Biomass 2 Plant

KRAKOW Combined Heat and Power Plant

Scope of work
Laser scanning, scan registration, 3D modeling, creation of a TruView portal

Project purpose
Imaging of the geometry of the piping by a point cloud and a 3D model resulting in clash-free design of new elements

Point cloud, TruView portal, 3D model (MicroStation)

Capnor Poland performed laser scanning of the existing piping of the Biomass 2 Installation in KRAKOW Combined Heat and Power Plant (EC KRAKOW). When the field work was finished, our engineers prepared a point cloud and a 3D CAD model.

The point cloud was delivered to the engineering company in the .pts and .pod formats ready to use in MicroStation. The model was delivered in the .dgn format. In addition, a TruView portal was prepared.

The obtained data made it possible for the engineers to control the biomass transport routing in great detail and was used for clash-free design of the replaced elements.

The method used resulted in significant savings of time, materials and cost.