About capnor - professional surveying company

We operate in oil & gas, chemical, marine, power and pulp & paper industries as well as civil, architecture and heritage preservation sectors.

We provide our customers with innovative solutions that help them improve all project lifecycle phases like point cloud-related products such as 2D documentation, 3D models, Building Information Models (BIM), and PDMS models. Our deliverables contribute to significant time and cost savings, quality and safety enhancement.

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Our services

At Capnor, we deliver engineering services that set new standards for quality and efficiency. From precise laser scanning to advanced drone photography, our innovative approach revolutionizes how you make decisions and execute projects. Trust us and focus on your goals. We will handle the rest.

Explore Capnor's accomplished portfolio showcasing excellence across diverse industries. From pioneering drone-assisted inspections to intricate 3D laser scanning and cutting-edge design engineering, our success stories underscore our commitment to delivering unparalleled results. Join a legacy of success with Capnor – where each achievement is a testament to our dedication to precision and innovation.

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Our services are addressed to industrial facilities, marine installations and ships, architecture, cultural heritage and large urban revitalization projects. We are ready to answer your inquiries and discuss how we can support your projects. Feel free to get in touch to initiate a productive collaboration. Our team of experts is awaiting your message or call, ready to tailor our engineering solutions to your unique needs.