Design engineering

Capnor offers a comprehensive range of engineering services for our clients:

  • Feasibility study
  • Detail engineering, static calculations
  • Workshop drawings
  • As-built documentation

Capnor combines 3D laser scanning with engineering to delivers advantages to its clients:  

  • Clash-free design thanks to point cloud modeling
  • Data integration and re-use
  • Improvement in project management and control

Capnor operates in different types of CAD environments: AVEVA PDMS / E3D, Inventor, AutoCAD, MicroStation to include but a few.  We are specialized in piping and civil & structural disciplines.

Mechanical Engineering Services: Design & Detail Engineering

Capnor's prowess in mechanical engineering extends beyond traditional solutions, encompassing a spectrum of innovative services tailored precisely to meet clients’ requirements. From meticulously conducted feasibility studies and detail engineering to rigorous static calculations, our expertise ensures the flawless execution of diverse mechanical projects. We navigate the complexities of mechanical systems, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions that prioritize efficiency, reliability, and optimal performance.

Structural Engineering Design Services

In the realm of structural engineering, Capnor stands as a beacon of expertise, offering specialized solutions for structures. Our comprehensive services encompass detailed engineering, workshop drawings, precise static calculations, and meticulous as-built documentation. Through our integrated approach, we guarantee the integrity and longevity of structures, ensuring they withstand the test of time, operation of the facility, and environmental challenges.

Civil Engineering Design Services

Capnor's civil engineering services represent a diverse portfolio, addressing a myriad of construction projects, from expedition terminals and maintenance platforms to equipment foundations, process pipe racks, and supporting structures. Our meticulous approach, spanning detail engineering, workshop drawings, static calculations, and as-built documentation, assures the successful execution of civil engineering endeavors. We navigate complexities to deliver solutions that harmonize with both clients’ expectations and industrial standards.

Piping Design Engineering Services

Excelling in piping design, Capnor offers a comprehensive suite of documentation services. From intricate plot plans and detailed 3D models to piping arrangement drawings, isometric drawings, bills of materials, pipe stress analysis, and support drawings, our services adhere to the highest standards. Compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive underscores our commitment to regulatory adherence and industry best practices.

AVEVA PDMS Engineering - E3D Administration & BWTS engineering

Capnor's strength lies in the meticulous administration of AVEVA PDMS / E3D, offering clients a comprehensive suite of services. From initial project setup and precise user access control to database configuration, catalog and specification preparation, design files conversion, and rigorous data integrity checks, our administration services ensure seamless integration and efficient handover to AVEVA PDMS / E3D global.

Piping design

Types of documentation:

  • Plot plans
  • 3D models
  • Piping arrangement drawings
  • Isometric drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Stress analysis
  • Support drawings
  • Documentation for authorities in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive
  • As-built documentation

Civil engineering

Types of constructions:

  • Expedition terminals
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Equipment foundations
  • Process pipe racks
  • Supporting structures
  • Steel supports
  • Steel pipe racks

Types of documentation:

  • Detail engineering
  • Workshop drawings
  • Static calculations
  • As-built documentation

AVEVA PDMS / E3D administration

AVEVA PDMS / E3D administration is one of our strengths. We offer our clients a full package of AVEVA PDMS / E3D administration services:

  • Setting up new AVEVA PDMS / E3D projects             
  • Control user access level            
  • Databases configuration & reconfiguration     
  • Catalogs and Specifications preparation    
  • Design files conversion to AVEVA PDMS / E3D
  • Check data integrity
  • Data administration
  • Handover to AVEVA PDMS / E3D global


1. What does design engineering include?

Design engineering involves a comprehensive process to create efficient and functional facilities. Here are the disciplines covered by design engineering: process, structural, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation. Engineers collaborate across disciplines to achieve a successful design that meets production goals, safety standards, and environmental requirements.

2. What industries use design engineering?

Design engineering is a versatile field that finds applications across various industries. Here are some sectors where design engineering is required:

  • Construction and Infrastructure: for designing buildings, infrastructure, and systems for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.
  • Maritime: for various systems and structures of vessels.
  • Chemical: for designing processes for turning raw materials into valuable products.
  • Oil & Gas: used throughout the project lifecycle, from concept to decommissioning.
  • Energy: for designing power generation systems, renewable energy technologies, and energy-efficient solutions.
  • Aerospace: for designing aircraft, spacecraft, and related components.
  • Automotive: for developing vehicles, engines, and automotive systems.

These industries rely on design engineering to innovate, solve complex problems, and stay competitive in the global market.

3. What are structural engineering services?

Structural engineering services involve the design, analysis, and evaluation of structures to ensure their safety, durability, and functionality. These services encompass a range of tasks, including structural analysis, design calculations, detailing, and documentation.

4. What does structural engineering cover?

Structural engineering covers various types of structures, including buildings, pipe-racks, towers, supports, and other. Structural engineers are responsible for designing these structures to withstand loads and environmental factors while adhering to safety regulations and standards.

5. What are the services of a civil engineer?

Civil engineering services encompass a wide range of activities related to the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure and environmental projects. These services may include site investigation, feasibility studies, structural design, project management, environmental assessment, and construction supervision.

Our services

At Capnor, we deliver engineering services that set new standards for quality and efficiency. From precise laser scanning to advanced drone photography, our innovative approach revolutionizes how you make decisions and execute projects. Trust us and focus on your goals. We will handle the rest.