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Laser scanning

3D laser scanning is a process of digitization - capturing physical facilities’ geometry. This process provides a complete digital representation of the scanned objects to be used for feasibility study, engineering, prefabrication, and assembly processes. 

The basic product of laser scanning - point cloud - can be directly used as a reference during the design process or it can serve as raw data for creation of corresponding accurate 3D CAD models, 2D drawings and other final products such as CapView images.

This helps to limit costly trips to site and reduce the risk of clashes and problems with assembly because the newly designed elements can be routed and checked within the point cloud or 3D model.

CAD models
Our CAD models can be provided in various engineering software such as PDMS / E3D, PDS / SmartPlant 3D, Inventor, AutoCAD, MicroStation, NavisWorks, SolidWorks to name but a few depending on our customer’s requirements. 

Intelligent models
Laser scanning in conjunction with design or construction documentation data can be used to create fully intelligent models in PDMS. The existing model can also be adjusted to the point cloud to become an as-built model. This makes any further design in project easier and faster. The PDMS / E3D model offered by Capnor provides full spectrum of new features such as P&IDs, isometric drawings, reports, stress analyzes and MTOs. All the above mentioned documentation (but not only) can be produced directly from the PDMS / E3D model, ensuring accuracy and consistency of data.

Ayelix portal
Ayelix, our in-house developed tool is a state-of-art solution for every project owners and participants:
  • online access to all required information (3D scans combined with HD pictures)
  • easy navigation in High Resolution panorama
  • see and identify objects from up to 4 different positions
  • check the coordinates and measure missing elements  
  • retrieve full HD colored point clouds directly from the portal
  • upload design 3D model and check its integration to existing objects
  • perform clash verification on real time
  • order additional scanning of missing elements using interactive maps
Virtual / Augmented Reality
Imagine you can be anywhere, imagine you can visit a facility without leaving your office. Imagine your device can recognize and connect real objects with your design, e.g. isometric drawings.
Thanks to our application you can move within 3D environment either in a traditional way or with use of 3D goggles.

Portable arm laser scanning
Capnor uses measuring arm laser scanners primarily for the quality control of geometries and surface, but also for reverse engineering, fit and finish, and assembly applications.
  • High-quality scan data collected at full speed, whatever the part. 
  • Scan 99 percent of surface types with default exposure settings thanks to SHINE technology. 
  • Extra-wide scan line for faster part coverage. 
  • High-quantity data collection without sacrificing data quality. 
  • Horizontally oriented scan line for more comfortable measurement. 
  • Projected laser range finder makes correct scanner positioning simple. 
  • Full System Scanning Certification defined according to ISO 10360-8 Annex D.
  • reduction of measurement time
  • high accuracy of 3D digital data
  • no rework and clashes
  • reduced design and assembly hours
  • efficient decision making
  • increased safety on site
  • convenient data visual presentation
  • shortened schedules and deadlines
  • limited costs in all project phases