Health, Safety, Environment

We are aware that is mainly the employees who form the company and that without our people we could not be where we are now and where we are heading. Keeping this in mind, we care for our employees, their family members, co-workers and suppliers. That is why Capnor Poland aspires to be a healthy workplace, without accidents and injuries to persons, property and environment. We sincerely believe that all accidents can be avoided and it is our aim to carry out our activities in such a way that no employees, environment or equipment are exposed to risk or injury. We have established and maintain a customized safety system that has been working well so far.

To achieve our goal we:
  • provide employees with necessary trainings
  • assure a pleasant and healthy working environment
  • focus on safety in all our activities
  • monitor our people’s health 
  • guarantee specialist insurance during business trips
  • encourage employees to speak out and stop unwanted actions
  • teach our employees that each person takes responsibility for their own behavior
  • work together with customers and suppliers to further develop and strengthen our HSE culture