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Additive Engineering

Additive engineering is our own term for the comprehensive engineering behind additive manufacturing (3D printing). Our aim is to be a one stop company for our clients to be able rely on an honest approach to quality, sourcing and engineering for their projects. 

Printing services
We have a quality FDM printer in-house but one of our advantages is that we are not dependent on using any special printer. We will use the best and most cost-efficient vendor available for the specific project, either new parts or repairs. We will make sure the vendor prints quality parts according to standards such as DNVGL-ST-B203 or equivalent. 

Material testing
We have a co-operation with University of Stavanger on material testing. This ensures that we have the best possible personnel and equipment available. Our own experience after years of material testing ensures that we are able to do perform testing both within and outside the scope of normal standards. Some projects requires thinking outside the box and to have a pragmatic approach to deliver the results the client needs.

Very often, parts which have been made by traditional methods such as milling, lathing, extrusion, casting and so on are made with the respective production method during design. We will make sure the parts are optimized both for function and for production. Very often generative design will be the most cost efficient method.

We have 3d scanners able to scan parts  - also at remote locations. Such type of scans will digitize parts -especially useful for obsolete parts with missing documentation. We are able to reverse engineer the part to a proper CAD file and optimize it for production and function as well. If combined with our laser scanning and Ayelix portal – the parts can be stored/tagged in this portal to make sure client knows the physical location of the part as well.