The road to BWM D2 Compliance requires careful planning and preparation.
Some considerations to be evaluated before choosing BWTS technology and equipment 
  • Sailing pattern 
  • Power supply 
  • Gravity filling and discharge challenges 
  • Hold time 
  • OPEX 
  • BWTS supplier service network  

Capnor has the know-how and is familiar with rules and regulations. 
We facilitate the entire process in close cooperation with you as an owner, equipment suppliers and the Class society. 
Capnor deliver complete detailed engineering packages including all documents and drawings you need for procurement, 
prefabrication, class approval and installation, including installation and commissioning support. 
Capnor has to date delivered detailed engineering to 34 BWTS retrofit projects worldwide 


1.    System Evaluation
2.    Survey & 3D laser scanning
a.    Onboard Survey 
b.     Laser Scanning
3.    Concept - Feasibility Study
4.    Detailed Engineering  
a.     Modeling / designing / routing
b.    Clash verification
c.    Detailed Design Release
d.    Piping and Structural Drawings
e.    Material Take Out (MTO lists)
f.    General Assembly Drawings
5.    Class Approval assistance
6.    Prefab control
7.    Deliverables (project dependent)
a.    Piping design, ISO drawings
b.    Pipe support design drawings
c.    Flow calculations
d.    Structural Modification 
e.     Stress analysis 
f.     General Assembly drawings. 
g.     Material take out list [MTO]
h.    P&ID Updates
i.    GA Drawings updates
j.    Piping and Equipment assembly drawings
k.    BWMP Update
l.    Class required drawings
8.    Installation and Commissioning